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Founder of TokenClan.io

The author seeks to build a crypto asset community on TokenClan.io documenting his data-centric investment strategy and crypto assets outlook beyond 2019. The author pioneered TokenClan crypto assets investment strategy with a data-centric focus, leading the business to become one of the first few companies to analyse the cryptocurrency markets in a whole new way.

Being an author, software developer and consultant to trading the forex market, he expanded his business to work with Forex brokerages on the IT side of things before venturing into the crypto currency blockchain space in late 2017 just before the crypto tech  bubble burst.

Warren is the author of “Crypto Assets for Passive Income” book and several other personal finance books which are available on Amazon. He was interviewed and feature on Singapore MediaCorp Channel 8 “Money Smart” programme.

Author’s Projects

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Token Clan seeks to build a crypto asset community by empowering crypto enthusiasts with data-driven strategy in preparation for the upcoming blockchain economy. The founder employs a data-centric investment strategy with crypto assets and documents his journey on TokenClan. He has went through the ups and downs and hope that the lessons learnt and successes achieved could serves as great educational material for people looking to step into the cryptocurrency space. 

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Crypto Assets for Passive Income

The book is about common sense investing with an age-old proven concept, applied and executed in a whole new way for the upcoming financial revolution.

Crypto Assets for Passive Income book leverages on the concept of deriving passive income from your cryptocurrency portfolio. In addition to benefiting purely from capital gains, prospective investors should also consider generating a passive income stream from their crypto assets to let their money work even harder for them.

This simple, concise, and non-technical guide shows you how anyone (non-finance or IT based) is able to navigate this brave new cryptocurrency space and how best to invest in these emerging assets for passive income to secure your financial future.

Crypto Assets for Passive Income is your guide to that future of money.

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