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About Yvonne Lee

Founder of

Yvonne Lee is very fortunate to be recognized by Singapore Book of Records in 2006, as the Author Endorsed By Most Doctors Worldwide.

For the past 12 years, she has been focusing on her 2 lovely children and have not been writing much. In 2019, they turned 17 and 20, and all of a sudden, she has all the time in the world … and she started writing again.

These are some of the kind words that she had received from more than 100 doctors and professors in 28 countries.

one of the example is listed below.

I will definitely recommend it to my patients. Your extensive research on the subject will really help any woman. Thanks Yvonne!


Cynthia M. Goodman, M.D.
Chief of Plastic Surgery Division
Marin General Hospital
1240 South Eliseo Drive Suite 201, Greenbrae, CA 94904, United States

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About Remy Chiu

Remy became aware of the seriousness of infection, when he read a news report of a 20-year-old Brazilian ballerina, whose limbs was amputated before she passed on.

He started to question, how such tragic event would impact her (should she survived) and her family too. Could such tragedy be avoided? He started looking for answers.

He came to know about Colostrum about 20 years ago. He started researching about Colostrum and also tested it on himself. And today, he is happy to say in his personal opinion “high potency colostrum may be the way to lower the risks of infection (like a bulletproof vest)”.

Bacterial and viral infection is also one of the causes of many cancers. Avoiding the events of infection may lead to lower rate of cancer which is a good thing not only for the individuals but also for the country.

He hopes to create the awareness of bacterial and viral infections through this book.

Resources should also be directed to encourage emphasis of mucosa immunity. Let us fight these invisible battles outside the wall — our mucosa. It’s time for a change.