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Together with the rest of the company, this page is created as a To Do List, to tell others, what companies are in these categories, that are also selling services or product for this particular category.

Sponsor Page Benefit

The To Do List begin from here, as fresh knowledge is being passed to the readers.

Potential starter will know your company after reading the book, with fresh knowledge, they know where to approach.

You won’t be alone in here, there will be other companies here too (Max 8).

Content Location

Your content will be located all the way to the last part of the book


  • Your company Logo
  • a brief description about your company, Max (15) Words


Be The Sponsor Page Sponsor Now!!

There are 2 pages for sponsor page in these book. Which is 16 slots.

However, we will slot your company in with the first come first serve basis.

The earlier you sign up, the nearer you are towards the ending chapter of the book.