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Crypto Cavalry intends to borrow all the Brains of the Geniuses, Movers and Shakers of the Crypto World, from different backgrounds and focus, to share their Unique Cryptocurrency Journey and Advice.

Current Brains that I had borrowed …

Chris Long – My Trainer and Mentor

Timothy Draper – Silicon Valley Billionaire

Roger Ver – aka “Bitcoin Jesus”, CEO, Bitcoin.com

Lex Na – Founder, Bountie.IO

Warren Seah – Founder, TokenClan.IO

Hong QiYu – Founder, Tokenize.Exchange

Sen Ze – Co-Founder, CEO, BeepBeepNation.com

Malcolm Tan – Chairman, Gravitas International

Max Ng – Co-Founder of Cryptoprofile.com

Kathryn Hew – My MasterNodes Advisor

Sherman Lee – Co-Founder, RavenProtocol.com

About Shawn Lee

Founder of CryptoCavalry

Shawn Lee, is a 17-year-old student that has just graduated from Secondary School in Singapore.

In 2017, he is very fortunate to have been introduced to Cryptocurrency when he was 15. Immediately, he started trading Cryptocurrency, participating in ICOs and 60X his portfolio.

Blockchain became one of his biggest interest. Last year he had to decide where he wanted to go after his ‘O’ levels. However, he had already decided and went for early admission to Financial Business Informatics to book his spot. It’s a dream come true to be able to learn more about Blockchain in class when he is in his second year.



Tea with Crypto Shakers

Tea with Crypto Shakers is a book on how to get prepared for the upcoming cryptocurrency market by getting into the minds of Crypto Shakers about how they think and what they are working on to capitalize on this upcoming opportunity that the blockchain technology promises.

Here the list of Crypto Shakers that Shawn managed to team up with

– Roger Ver
– Timothy Draper
– Sherman Lee
– Chris Long
– Warren Seah
– Lex Na
– Hong QiYu
– Sen Ze
– Malcolm Tan
– Max Ng
– Kathryn Hew

Now, with this book, watch 17-year-old Shawn who has achieved success in early age with cryptocurrencies, has interviewed and team up with a group of crypto shakers to provide you their insights into cryptocurrencies.

Here some insights you are going to learn about the crypto shakers
– How they got started into the crypto space
– What are they working on
– How are they preparing for the blockchain revolution?
– What’s their advice to a 17-year-old if they can turn back time and transform to their 17-year-old self, how will they get prepared for the upcoming blockchain revolution

Yes, this is going to take determination and hard work with any new disruptive technology, but once you have received the new perspectives from these successful crypto entrepreneurs, it’s going to make you see cryptocurrencies in a whole new way.

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